I am a concert-going addict who enjoys most forms of the arts. I started going to concerts in my teens and haven’t stopped. My addiction started in earnest several years ago when live music became a panacea for a stressful time in my life. That stress is gone, but my addiction remains.

I’m frequently two or even three times older than many members of audiences – many times, I’ve been told that I rock! That’s high praise, in my opinion!

My taste in music runs to everything except rap with violent lyrics and heavy rock/metal. I even like a lot of country music, which I wouldn’t have said ten years ago. When I go to the theatre, I’m interested in quality dramas and musicals. Movie interests include everything except science fiction, horror, and inane comedies, but I especially love foreign films.

If there are any images which you love and would like to have hanging on your wall, please reach out to me and I will be happy to sell to you!

  1. Hi Suze!
    Thanks for the review. Huge jazz-fusion fan. There’s nothing better. Scofield, Gambale, Henderson, Stern, Weckl. among others. Been a Biily fan since Spectrum in the 70’s.
    Could make the concert. Hiking in the Whites. Don’t get an oppertunity like thisvery much. It seems like the fusion musicians like to perform abroad more than here.

  2. A wonderful review of the Johnson/Stern shows. I was at the Tupelo show (the finest small venue in NH) and I just shook my head in amazement during every song. You’re right about contrasting styles but the two together are wonderful. Enjoyed your photos very much also.

  3. Hi: got your card at the Sunday night show of The Mavericks. Sorry we put our stuff on your chair! We are at a lot of different venues, we will look for you 🙂

    • No problem Cindy! You had no idea whose coat was on the chair since I was shooting from a variety of places in the venue. I’m in the process of editing the photos (some really good ones, I think) and writing the review so look for it later today!

  4. Great! We we were at Travis Tritt/acoustic at The Stadium last night. Great show! Next Saturday is John Butcher Axis at TCan. So much music, so little time!

  5. Hi Suze! Love your reviews! I’d like to invite you to a show at Oberon this Thursday- Thinkin Big Band will be celebrating 100 Years of Frank Sinatra! The show is sold out but we do have a few guest list spots left and I’d like to offer you one. More information here: http://wp.me/p6NwPH-oo

    Let me know if you would like to come via email! 🙂 Hope to hear from you!!

  6. Size: just discovered your blog via twitter – great work and great photography! Please come to a Bees Deluxe show if you like acid-blues! We play from Falmouth to Manchester and all points between! Best Regards.

  7. Hi Suze

    I just found your Lead Belly Fest review. It was my show so thanks for being so kind!



  8. hi,i am working on a non commercial book for Ronnie Earl to give to him as a gift,and i would like to use one of your photos of anthony geraci,am i allowed to use one of your fotos and who took the fotos

    • Let me know which photo it is please, but yes you may use it for non-commercial purposes. Please credit Suze Reviews the Blues as the photographer (I took all photos on this website unless I credit someone else).

      • Its the photo where anthony his head is bend over the keyboard and you just see his hair anthony geraci and its for a gift book a tribute to ronnie earl

      • I like that shot! Thanks for contacting me. I’ve met Ronnie although he wouldn’t remember me.

  9. I am writing an essay on Malcolm Holcombe and enjoyed your concert review posted here. Your pictures are fantastic which leads me to this question. Could I have your permission to use one or two of them?

    • thanks Dale! i appreciate your asking and yes you may use them. if you’d send me a link to the essay or the essay itself just so i can see it, that would be great!

  10. Abbie Gardner

    Hi Suzie! I just stumbled across your reviews and really enjoy them. Thanks so much for writing about Red Molly and also my Slide Sessions Show At Passim. Maybe I’ll see you there Friday! I’m doing a solo show and my dad is opening for me- what a treat for me! 🙂 All the best, Abbie

    • Hi Abbie – thanks for reaching out! i’d surely be at your show if i was still living in MA but i am in south Florida for the time being… I will most likely watch the show on concert window though! hope you’re well! best, suze

  11. Hi Suze! Have you seen The Busted Jug Band yet? I think you’d enjoy us! http://www.thebustedjugband.com
    We play the third Saturday afternoon of every month at the Plough & Stars from 4-6, and at Sally O’Brien’s the first Friday of every month from 6-9. Hope to see you out and about!
    Jeremy Lyons

    • I have not Jeremy but I’ll try to get out to see you really soon! Thanks for letting me know about the band (I know I’ve seen the name on schedules). Best, Suze

  12. Dan Rabinovitz

    Suze- you have an entry on Jan 19 1018 on the Joe Louis walker show at the regatta. its a very nice review bu the trumpet player is named Dan Rabinovitz, not Larry Abramowitz. you might want to change it.

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