Here’s A Wonderful New Speaker!

A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about the amazing Preservation Hall Jazz Band show at The Sinclair, which was sponsored by Grain Audio.  Grain Audio is a new company which currently makes four products, all with wood in place of some of the plastic – in-ear headphones, over-ear headphones, a portable wireless speaker, and a passive bookshelf system.


After discussing my review and photos of the show, the company sent me their Packable Wireless Speaker (PWS.01).  It’s an amazing little speaker, although it’s small only in size, not sound.

First, it’s pretty. I love the wood – it reminds me of the stereo speakers I bought in 1977 with the walnut enclosure. It’s small in size – I can’t imagine anyone would have trouble carrying it in one hand. It has heft to it, though, so it’s not going to be easy to knock it off whatever surface it is placed. The phone is the Samsung Note II – a very large phablet. You get the idea of the size of the PWS.

The PWS can be used via bluetooth or a cable. My only bluetooth device is my phone, so that’s how I’ve been using it so far. The quality of the sound truly impresses me – it’s really quite good! The speaker sounds as I hoped it would sound – no noise or static, and no distortion.

When it’s used with bluetooth, the device can be up to 30 feet away from the PWS which makes it useful at parties as well as when you want to sit in your comfy chair with the speaker a number of feet away from you.

It’s easy to set up – I don’t consider myself to be extremely techie, but it took me longer to unpack the box than to get the phone paired with the PWS!

The PWS would make a great holiday gift for a college student, someone who can listen to music in their office, or really anyone who appreciates quality equipment. In the Boston area, Sound Lion carries Grain Audio products (Harvard Square, Burlington Mall, The Mall at Rockingham Park, and Pheasant Lane Mall).

Thanks to Grain Audio for this speaker. All opinions are my own.

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