Help The Extended Play Sessions Grow!

The Extended Play Sessions is raising funds for a new studio. Here’s an explanation of the mission; at the end of this article, there appears another link to the fundraising page. I would personally appreciate any donations my readers choose to make.

“The Extended Play Sessions exists primarily for one major purpose: to provide a format for musicians to collaborate with my team of video artists in documenting a live performance that delivers an authentic experience of creative connection to an ever-expanding community of music fans around the world.


“Our method has always been to let the artists tell their unique story through their music and their words. The Extended Play Sessions is the catalyst; the stories belong to the artists. The process of establishing The Extended Play sessions, has been a painstaking mission, however one that has delivered a near-spiritual connection to the music and the people who create it. The scope of our work has grown dramatically over the past eight years. We began by creating content to enhance interviews on the Alternate Root website. Soon we were creating programming that aired on over 275 community-access television channels around the country, then to network television in New England. Recently we established our own network and moved our content to ROKU. Meanwhile our presence on YouTube and Vimeo has continued to expand and grows daily. Soon we will stream the shows live globally using YouTube Live from a new facility we are building outside of Boston in Norwood, MA. Our commitment to quality will not be compromised and we need your help to complete this important mission. With your help we can continue to support the artists, writers and producers of some of the most important and forward-thinking music the world has ever heard…or seen.

“Our goal is to raise $20,000.00 with this fundraising campaign. In the following paragraphs we will outline our reasons, detailed information about how this money will be spent, a program for rewarding those who contribute and how this campaign will help further the music and musicians we have come to love. We will update our progress weekly and thank all who contribute personally. We will answer questions and remain transparent through every step. We sincerely hope you will consider supporting this important work we do on behalf of independent musicians from around the world. And we ask that, if you are in support of our mission, you share this with others you know appreciate music as you do.”

Click here to see the donation levels and rewards. Thank you!

About suze72

I've loved the arts all my life... I go to a lot of concerts, take lots of photos and want to share them. Every once in a while I do something other than a concert, too. The Boston area is full of opportunities to indulge my passion - I'd like to help make it yours too!

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