Great Southern Soul/Rock Was In Da House!

The Lowell Summer Music Series hosted JJ Grey & Mofro several nights ago for a joy-filled return engagement, seven years almost to the day since the band’s debut appearance at the Series!


The show was moved indoors because of the excessive heat in the area, which generally makes most of us regulars unhappy, but on this night it was a blessing to me because the sound and lighting were extraordinary!

JJ Grey

From the moment the band took the stage, the energy was apparent. While this was not the first show for the band since it became a bit safer for musicians to tour, they performed as if it were the first time for them in at least 18 months. They were thrilled to be on stage in front of people!

JJ Grey & Mofro

Playing numbers from across their discography, the audience was enthralled with every note!

Todd Smallie, JJ Grey, Pete Winders

For most of the 120-minute set, there were people dancing in the center aisle as well as the side aisles and JJ loved it! He thanked the dancers multiple times and the dancers responded by dancing even more enthusiastically!

JJ Grey

JJ is a multi-instrumentalist, playing electric guitars, harmonica and singing (yes, to me the voice is an instrument). I’m biased toward his playing the guitar because he can sing at the same time that he plays, and I adore his voice.

JJ Grey (he may not be singing in this shot, but I prefer photos where you can see the entire guitar and this guitar is so pretty)

The band in its current lineup is not the same as the lineup the first time I saw them in 2014, but they are very tight and there was no evidence that they had not been playing together for years! The current members are Eric Brigmond on keyboards and trombone, Dennis Marion on trumpet, Todd Smallie on bass, Craig Barnette on drums, and Pete Winders on guitar (I have not yet been able to find the name of the other trumpet player).

Eric Brigmond (and JJ Grey)
Dennis Marion and the other trumpet player
Craig Barnette

The funky, soulful music delivered to an appreciative audience at the show will be long remembered by all who attended!

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  1. Great shots! We’re seeing them in western IL next Saturday for at least the 20th time. Can’t wait!

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