Keep on Truckin’, Robert Hunter

I wouldn’t describe myself as a Dead-Head, but I always loved the Grateful Dead.  This show at the Wilbur Theatre was a rare opportunity to see one of the main lyricists for the Dead.


Robert Hunter wrote many of the Dead’s best known songs – Truckin’, Friend of the Devil, Dark Star, Scarlet Begonias, and Casey Jones, to name a few.

Hunter’s strength – and it’s truly a great strength – is his songwriting. Many of the songs he penned became anthems of my generation.

Bed of Roses at his feet

Bed of Roses at his feet

His voice may not be great, but I don’t believe it ever was. His guitar playing may not be rich and nuanced. They didn’t need to be last night – his songs spoke volumes for themselves and the crowd loved him.

Hunter rarely tours. For the first set, which only lasted a half hour, he seemed almost reluctant to be on stage. He came back after the set break and played for a little more than an hour with great enthusiasm and joy.

When he introduced ‘Brokedown Palace’ he said that he can’t play the song without hearing Jerry Garcia and shedding a tear or two. I ‘heard’ the Dead performing some of the songs and that brought back great memories. It was different – in my opinion – than seeing Further perform the same songs.

This was a man, his guitar and the songs. And oh, what songs they are!  No frills. No light show. Just great music.

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  1. I have the pleasure of seeing Robert once and enjoyed the striped down, basics of all the songs he and Jerry shared together. Your right, his voice isn’t great but he’s Robert Hunter, the hidden idol…

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