Bluesy Soul Was In The House

I was not familiar with John Németh & The Bo-Keys before this show; to be honest, I went because I wanted a table for the late show that followed.

John Nemeth

John Németh

Whatever the reason, I’m glad I went to Johnny D’s early because I was introduced to a terrific blues/soul harmonica player and singer, as well as to The Bo-Keys.

The Bo-Keys

The Bo-Keys

The Bo-Keys took the stage first, playing a couple of numbers.  They are fronted by Percy Wiggins, a singer with a wonderful voice who performs in a manner that I love in a Memphis soul singer.

Percy Wiggins

Percy Wiggins

Archie ‘Hubie’ Turner on keyboard, Kirk Smothers on sax, Scott Bomar on bass, Ben Cauley on trumpet, Joe Restivo on guitar, and a Massachusetts native (who reminded us of James Dean) on drums are the rest of The Bo-Keys.

Scott Bomar

Scott Bomar

Skip and Kirk

Ben Cauley and Kirk Smothers

James Dean look-alike

James Dean look-alike

Skip Pitts

Joe Restivo

Archie 'Hubby' Turner

Archie ‘Hubie’ Turner

John came to the stage and looked quite dapper in his suit and pork-pie hat. He quickly ripped into a hard-driving blues number that left me wanting more!



His sound is classic Memphis soul/blues with some contemporary twists. I thought his voice and harp playing were emotional and excellent.



Who would think that a man originally from Boise could play soul music so well?

Sometimes it’s hard to write a review of a show where you know nothing about the artists. I do know the style, though, and these are excellent performers of the Memphis sound. It would be worth your time to see them, especially if they’re performing in as intimate a venue as Johnny D’s.

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