Neko Case Performance In Lowell Was Another Winner For The Series

This is another review that is difficult for me to write since I was not familiar with Neko Case‘s music prior to attending the concert at the Lowell Summer Music Series last weekend.

Neko Case's Stage Backdrop

Neko Case’s Stage Backdrop

This review will not contain photographs (other than the photo above which was shot in the afternoon well before the show started) due to Neko’s extraordinarily restrictive photo policy.

I have been listening to Neko’s most recent release, ‘The Worse Things Get, the Harder I Fight, the Harder I Fight, the More I Love You’ (now that’s a long title!), since the concert and am enjoying it. Her style seems to be mostly indie-rock, but there’s alt-country as well, all with excellent lyrics.

Neko is first and foremost a singer-songwriter, but she’s also a comedian! The banter between Neko and her supporting vocalist, Kelly Hogan, was the most unexpected part of the show. I had no idea we were going to be treated to some wonderful quips – she told of being offered lentil hummus at a restaurant and declining it, saying that their tour bus was already a “Pringles can full of farts and guitars.”

She has a wonderful voice, at most times ethereal but sometimes with an edge. I believe I could listen to her, as well as to her and Kelly, sing just about anything. Neko and Kelly have great chemistry as both singers and comedians.

Her band is very tight. Guitarist Eric Bachmann, bassist Tom V. Ray, multi-instrumentalist Jon Rauhouse and drummer Dan Hunt comprise the band. They are all very talented and support Neko well.

There were two young girls chair dancing (one of my favorite activities) toward the front of the audience who did not escape Neko’s attention. She teasingly offered them jobs, a tour bus, money!

Sporting a hoodie and tight black pants that were embellished with white skeleton bones, she has a stage presence that is fun to experience. I only wish she had played longer than 75 minutes.

Opening the show was Laura Veirs who is touring with Neko for at least part of Neko’s tour.

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