2014 By The Numbers

Last year, a friend thought that it would be fun to put together some statistics about my year in music so I’m continuing the tradition this year!

no music

I count each day at a festival as one show although I count each set separately.

37,000± – Largest-capacity venue I was in (Fenway Park – I was unable to find the exact seating count for concerts at Fenway Park)

1,104 – Miles to the furthest venue (3rd & Lindsley in Nashville)

300 – Number of sets I saw

270 – Different bands I saw

178 – Bands I saw for the first time in 2014

177 – Shows I saw

150 – Most expensive show I saw (Carole King on 4/15 at Tupelo Music Hall)

85 – Age of the oldest performer I saw (Jimmy Cobb with 4 Generations of Miles)

55 – Different venues in which I saw shows

40 – Years between last time I saw an artist and the most recent time (Yusuf/Cat Stevens)

40 – Smallest-capacity venue I was in (Extended Play Sessions)

26 – Most bands I saw in one venue (Lowell Summer Music Series)

22.41 – Average cost of shows (guest list shows included as $0)

22 – Venues I was in for the first time in 2014

20 – Performers I saw more than once

19 – Most shows I saw in one venue (tie: Regattabar and Extended Play Sessions)

15 – Age of youngest performer I saw (Quinn Sullivan)

7 – Least expensive show I saw that wasn’t a free show (Susan Cattaneo at Atwood’s Tavern)

6 – Most times I saw one band (Club d’Elf)

2.77 – Miles to the closest venue (St. John’s Coffeehouse Concerts)

0 – Least expensive show I saw, not including shows where I was on the guest list (Lamine Touré at Beat Hôtel)

If any reader has a suggestion for other interesting statistics, please leave a comment for me.

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I've loved the arts all my life... I go to a lot of concerts, take lots of photos and want to share them. Every once in a while I do something other than a concert, too. The Boston area is full of opportunities to indulge my passion - I'd like to help make it yours too!

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  1. How about biggest surprise act i.e. exceeded expectations.
    And biggest disappointment for concert, and why? Venue issue, artists not up to snuff, etc.

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