Heather Maloney Has A Bright Future

Each time I listen to indie folk artist Heather Maloney’s new album, Making Me Break, I decide on a new favorite song. As I write this, I believe the title song is my favorite but I know that will change.

'Making Me Break' by Heather Maloney

‘Making Me Break’ by Heather Maloney

Heather is a young singer-songwriter based in western Massachusetts, and has played around the Boston area for several years. She came to greater prominence last year when she and Darlingside (another Boston-based act) recorded an incredible version of Joni Mitchell’s anthem ‘Woodstock’.

Working with a Grammy-nominated producer, Heather has released her third album and her second for Signature Sounds. The first thing I noticed is the phenomenal photograph on the cover. It appears to me to be a combination of a painting and a photo, but regardless of how it was made, it conveys a glimpse into Heather.  It is also one of the most impressive album covers I have seen in a long time.

Heather has a distinctive voice with a wide range. One of the songs that highlights her range best is ‘Oh Hope, My Tired Friend’, although most of the songs do the same.  ‘Linger Longer’ reminds me of her crowd-pleasing ‘Flutter’ from her previous album.

I look forward to seeing Heather take the stage at The Sinclair with Liz Longley on May 27th, where I presume she will perform many songs from Making Me Break. Heather is an engaging performer; I have seen her both solo and with Darlingside.  At her solo show, Heather and her guitar were in the unfortunate position of following a lively roots rock band; seeing her with Liz, whether she follows or precedes Liz, will be a treat!

Album copy provided by Heather Maloney; all opinions are my own.

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