The Ballroom Thieves Are Poised For A Breakthrough

I have a strong connection to The Ballroom Thieves – they were one of the first bands I reviewed on this website and the first that caused my views to skyrocket; they gave me my first in-person interview; and the first time I saw them perform was also the first time cellist Calin Peters played with the band. So we have a history, even though they did not know it!

Calin Peters of The Ballroom Thieves

Calin Peters of The Ballroom Thieves

I spoke with drummer Devin Mauch, guitarist Martin Earley, and Calin on Friday, shortly after they arrived at the Newport Folk Festival for their first appearance at the Festival.

“Excited, overwhelmed, anxious, excited” is how they described their feelings on the cusp on their first set. This was the first time I spoke with them and had no basis for comparison, but I think I was more nervous talking with them than they were about the Festival!

Devin and Martin have been making music together for about ten years and formed a trio four years ago. Calin became their lady thief after their previous cellist left the band, and The Ballroom Thieves became the band you see today. Again, I have no basis for comparison but they have terrific chemistry as a band and as friends.

Devin Mauch of The Ballroom Thieves

Devin Mauch of The Ballroom Thieves

When asked what they call their genre, Martin said they do not like to pigeon-holing themselves into one category. Their Facebook page description reads “alternative rock and folking roll” which is an accurate way to explain their music. They do rock, but with a folk sensibility.

I wondered if they were going to invite other musicians to play during their set. Devin (I believe) said that for their first Newport Festival they would not. They wanted to gauge their appeal to whomever ended up at the Quad Stage on Sunday and hoped that, if they are well-liked (which they were), they would be invited back to the Festival. At that point, they would have friends join them on stage.

Martin Earley of The Ballroom Thieves

Martin Earley of The Ballroom Thieves

I told them I believe they are poised for a breakthrough and hoped this Festival would help provide it; Calin responded that they are grateful for everything Jay Sweet and the Newport Festivals Foundation has done for them, and are thrilled to be performing at a festival they had dreamed about not too many years ago (and felt was a pipe dream at the time).

I wished them luck and hoped they enjoyed the experience of performing at the Festival. I felt they were basking in the glow that is the Newport Folk Festival, as they should be doing.

Go see this band!

Thanks to Calin, Devin and Martin for taking time to speak with me – you are the best thieves I have ever met!

The photos in this interview are from their set on Sunday morning; a description of their set and more photos will be posted soon with my review of that day at the Festival.

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