Presenting Lisa Fischer, Background Singer Extraordinaire

Lisa Fischer, one of the stars of 20 Feet from Stardom, is performing at a benefit concert in support of Historic Newton on April 1st, and I was able to speak with her via email in advance of that concert (general admission is almost sold out – information about remaining sponsorship tickets can be found here). Historic Newton works to preserve objects and documents of importance relating to Newton history and runs two museums and the Burying Grounds.

Lisa Fischer (Official Photo)

Lisa Fischer (Official Photo)

Lisa is best known as a backup singer for musicians ranging from Sting to The Rolling Stones to Tina Turner to Luther Vandross, and many others. I am lucky enough to have seen her with both Sting and The Stones, and was extremely impressed both times. She is an excellent foil for both,

I got a strong sense of spirituality from Lisa’s answers to my question, as well as a lack of ego. Both contribute, in my opinion, to making a musician more appealing.

When asked if 20 Feet from Stardom could be her story as well as Darlene Love’s story, Lisa said, “The gift of Darlene Love’s experience is a rich one that all singers benefit from and a story that we are all deeply thankful for. I feel that way about every singer’s contribution to the film, and all singers in general, because we are united within the melodies of the music, and there can be a lot of twists and turns along the way.”

I was interested in the musicians with whom she has toured and those with whom she wishes to tour. Lisa’s spiritual nature came through in her answer, saying that life has a better plan for her than she does and is at peace with the situations that have come before her so far. She is open to singing and touring always.

“Every singer/ musician that I’ve had the privilege of singing with has always left me with a lesson and a gift. But if hard pressed for a favorite it would be Luther Vandross. The way that he shined with other singers, and the way he taught us to listen and still be an individual within a group while still blending with each other is priceless. There will never be another like him.”

Lisa loves singing background so she enjoys it whenever the opportunity presents itself to her. She had a record deal once, but could not clearly envision headlining a show. Possibly this is because she has recorded only one project for a major label. “I think the word headliner scares me but I look forward to sharing music with audiences. I’m not sure what that will look like in the future.”

I mentioned the show when I saw her with Sting and Paul Simon and her singing lead (or close to lead) on one of Sting’s songs. That impressed me as being quite generous of Sting, and I asked if most headliners are as generous. “Sting lives for the musical experience and enjoys sharing that experience with his audience. He is so generous and so giving. He is pure musical love. I believe a true artist lives for the music and because of that, they long to serve the music in the best way possible.”

My last question was about her dreams for the future. Again, her spiritual nature was evident in her answer. “My dreams are modest. I just want to continue singing and sharing music in any venue that will have us.”

Thank you, Lisa for taking the time to speak with me. I am grateful and very excited to see you at the concert. I hope to meet you.

In case you cannot see her show on April 1st, Lisa also performs on Saturday, April 2nd at the newly renovated Cabot Theatre in Beverly, Massachusetts.

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