Music And Politics

This website is for musings about music and the arts in general and this post is about that and more. Well, sort of…

I am crushed by the US election results. I am not afraid to say it. I am at my day job but I cannot focus for fear of what could and probably will happen to this country. But there is one ray of hope (and I’m sure more than one).

My musician friends will write protest songs and love songs and hopeful songs. They will be beautiful songs. They will help galvanize a movement. Who knows, maybe one of those songs will be an anthem for this movement.

I suspect many if not most of my friends will become activists. I may too. Or maybe I will continue spreading the gospel of great music and how it is a panacea for much of what ails you.

It is too soon to say. I am numb. I am angry. I am disappointed. I am sad. I am scared, for me and for everyone in the groups disparaged by our incoming president. I am a woman, so I am included in one of those groups.

Get out and see live music. Support local musicians and international stars alike. They have things to say that you will like. And with which you will agree.

I am reminded of these brilliant lyrics by Arlo Guthrie in “Alice’s Restaurant”:

“You know, if one person, just one person, does it, they may think he’s

Really sick and they won’t take him.

And if two people do it, in harmony, they may think they’re both faggots and

They won’t take either of them.

And if three people do it! Can you imagine three people walkin’ in, singin’

A bar of “Alice’s Restaurant” and walkin’ out? They may think it’s an


And can you imagine fifty people a day? I said FIFTY people a day

Walkin’ in, singin’ a bar of “Alice’s Restaurant” and walkin’ out? Friends,

They may think it’s a MOVEMENT, and that’s what it is: THE ALICE’S


and all you gotta do to join is to

Sing it the next time it comes around on the guitar.

With feelin’.”

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I've loved the arts all my life... I go to a lot of concerts, take lots of photos and want to share them. Every once in a while I do something other than a concert, too. The Boston area is full of opportunities to indulge my passion - I'd like to help make it yours too!

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