Storytelling At Its Finest

Martin Sexton‘s recent show at the Crest Theatre at Old School Square may not have been his best attended show, but what was lacking in numbers was more than made up for by the enthusiasm of the audience!

Martin Sexton

I had not seen Martin in a long time and believe that I have seen him only with a full band, so this was a treat to see him solo.

Taking the stage without a set list, he told us at the beginning of the show that he was fielding requests. I was impressed that this audience knew his catalog well and requested many deep cuts of his.

It takes a great deal of confidence and fearlessness to perform without a set list; when an artist gets requests, he or she does not want to disappoint the audience by either not remembering a song well enough to sing it or flubbing it. The artist also has to be honest and say things such as ‘great request, but I haven’t played it in so long I’m afraid I would mess it up.’

Martin did not mess anything up!

He played “Angeline”, a song he wrote for his wife who was in the audience with his son and other family members.

He told a story about his mother teaching him and his many siblings to be grateful for what you have, which was bittersweet because his mom passed away about a week before this show. I think there were tears in the eyes of many when he related that story.

Martin busked in Harvard Square when he first moved to Boston; those streets and subway stations have seen the beginning of great careers for many artists, and I know I saw him there many times.

Opening the show was Martin’s long-time friend Chris Trapper, who is also a friend of mine.

Chris Trapper

Founder of The Push Stars, Chris is a terrific songwriter whose songs you probably know even if you do not know his name.

His best-known song is the theme song from the film August Rush, and he played it to the delight of the audience, many of whom recognized it.

He left the stage after his too-short set but gained many new fans who greeted him at the merchandise table.

Martin and Chris performed one of Martin’s songs together; their harmonies were sublime and it was obvious how much they respect and like each other.

Get out and see these wonderful storytellers together or separately. You will not be disappointed even if you do not know their music.

Thanks to Martin Sexton for the ticket; all opinions are my own.

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