Free Outdoor Jazz Festival In South Beach!

What a fabulous day of music this was – world-class artists and all free under partly sunny skies! This was the Second Annual South Beach Jazz Festival and the music was fantastic!

Even the rooster loved it – especially the Dixieland banjo!

(Note: Apologies to the wonderful artists – I put this aside and came back to it four months later so half is a real review and the rest is only photos.)

First up was Carlos Averhoff, Jr., a Cuban jazz saxophonist who has become a friend (and was the reason I traveled to this festival).

Carlos Averhoff, Jr.

He – and the other three artists – played full sets, which I especially enjoyed because I was able to truly immerse myself in the music. It had been a while since I heard him play songs from Iresi, his first release, and I am excited for his next album, from which he played a few numbers.

Carlos Averhoff, Jr.

He was backed by three fabulous musicians – Jim Gasior on keyboard, Nestor del Prado on bass, and Phoenix Rivera on drums. All were given solos which gave the audience a chance to know how talented they all are.

Jim Gasior

Nestor del Prado

Phoenix Rivera

Next up was the Glyn Dryhurst Dixieland Jazz Band.

The Glyn Dryhurst Dixieland Jazz Band

This six-piece band grabbed the attention of passers-by who lingered for most of the set. The music was lively and recognizable to many.

Glyn Dryhurst

Next up was The Rachelle Coba Band. (And here is where I stopped writing four months ago.)

Rachelle Coba

Last was Carlos Puig, who is an incredible trumpet player. I saw him at a tribute to Carlos Averhoff, Sr. and was incredibly impressed then. I am more impressed after seeing him in this setting.

Carlos Puig

I truly love the Cuban jazz scene in Miami and wish I lived closer.

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