Gangstagrass Blew The Roof Off Hill Country BBQ!

Anyone who has been reading this website for long enough knows my love of Gangstagrass, the only hip-hop bluegrass band around (I think)! I had not seen them in a long time, so I traveled to New York to see them at Hill Country BBQ.


This was a special show because they were joined by a number of other musicians who added even more depth to the music than is always there.

You may have heard one of their songs if you watch Justified; they did the theme of the show which was nominated for an Emmy before the band released an album! “Long Hard Times to Come” is the song – check it out here.


They are so much more than that song. The music is basically bluegrass, but the addition of rappers takes the music to a higher dimension. At most of the shows I have attended, I speak with people who are at the show based solely on that song and I tell them that they will be blown away – they always are!

R-Son the Voice of Reason, Dolio the Sleuth

The current core of the band is Rench on guitar and vocals, Dan Whitener (Danjo) on banjo and vocals, Dolio the Sleuth on vocals, and R-Son the Voice of Reason on vocals.


Dan Whitener

Dolio the Sleuth

R-Son the Voice of Reason

I was happily surprised by the addition of Brian Farrow on fiddle and hope he becomes a permanent member of the band; the previous fiddle player left the band several years ago and I missed the fiddle.

Brian Farrow

They also added Cole Quest on dobro, Dave Gross on mandolin, Tina Llama on electric bass, and DJ Leecy T to the band and I was almost surprised at how much I loved the enriched sound.

Cole Quest

Dave Gross

Rench, Brian Farrow, Tina Llama

DJ Leecy T

This is git-yer-body-moving music; I find it impossible to stand still when watching them perform. During “All for One” there are hand gestures which play a vital role in the performance and the band expects audience participation! Everyone in the audience who has seen the band knows those gestures, and newcomers pick it up after the first chorus.

R-Son the Voice of Reason, Dolio the Sleuth during “All for One”

After the first time I saw them, I spoke with Rench and R-Son and said that I knew I was not their usual demographic (meaning young and hip). They stopped me and asked if I enjoyed the show and of course I said I loved it. Their response? “Then you’re our usual demographic!”


I have to mention that Danjo has a song in the latest Spike Lee Film, BlacKkKlansman!  The song is “We Are Gonna Be Okay” and I am so happy for Dan to have this honor.

Dan Whitener

I am already counting the days until I can see them again (they return to Hill Country BBQ – New York City – on February 23rd)!

You say you cannot imagine what hip-hop bluegrass is like? The friend I brought to the show with me said the same and he became a big fan! Get yourself to a show – you will not be disappointed!

Thanks to Gangstagrass for the tickets; all opinions are my own.

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