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Yusuf/Cat Stevens Captured – or Recaptured – Our Hearts

I admit it – I have been a star-struck fan-girl of Yusuf/Cat Stevens from his beginnings in the late 1960s! I cannot remember the first song of his that I heard but I do recall thinking that I’d love him forever. I was thrilled beyond measure when he announced that he would once again be able to perform in the United States and apoplectic when Boston was chosen as one of the five cities in which he would perform! Forty years are too long to wait to see one of your very favorite musicians in person (I saw him twice in 1974)…

Yusuf/Cat Stevens

Yusuf/Cat Stevens

Last night, Yusuf/Cat (I can’t help it, I still want to call him Cat) brought his Peace Train…Late Again tour to the Wang Theatre¬†which is the same venue in which he performed his last Boston show in 1976. What a magical evening this was for me and the 3,600 other fans in attendance.

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