Preservation Hall Jazz Band Going Very Strong After 51+ Years

Wow, Preservation Hall Jazz Band gave us an incredible show at The Sinclair on Tuesday night! This show, presented by Grain Audio, was the fourth time I’ve seen the band in the past two years and it was quite possibly the best I’ve seen them.

Charlie Gabriel

Charlie Gabriel

Yes, I saw the band’s 50th anniversary show in January 2012 at Carnegie Hall in New York from sixth row center and it was amazing, but there was something about the energy in Tuesday night’s audience that made the band soar even higher than they normally do.


Ben Jaffe - more cowbell, please

Ben Jaffe – more cowbell, please

Preservation Hall released their first album of original music this year and it’s a triumph! They opened the set with “Sugar Plum” from the new album, “That’s It!” What a terrific number that truly showcases their talent. From there, the set included both old favorites and other new material.


Mark Braud

One of my favorites is “St. James’ Infirmary Blues” and this night’s version blew my mind! They performed two different versions of it, the first sung by Mark Braud, the trumpet player, and the second sung by Clint Maedgen, the saxophonist.  I’ve seen a lot of musicians perform this song, but this was the best.


Clint Maedgen


All the members of the band engaged us with their vocals as well as their instrumental solos – Charlie Gabriel on clarinet and saxophone, Ben Jaffe on tuba and cowbell (more cowbell please), Rickie Monie on piano, Joseph Lastie Jr. on drums, Freddie Lonzo on trombone, and Ronell Johnson on tuba.

Rickie Monie

Rickie Monie

Even though it’s one of their new songs, they had the audience singing along with “Rattlin’ Bones.” “Tootie Ma” was another highlight for me.

Joseph Lastie

Ronell Johnson

I would pay – and have paid – a lot more than $10 to see Preservation Hall. This was the bargain of the year (not including free shows)! Do yourselves a favor and see them on this tour if you can. Or see them in New Orleans at Preservation Hall, where I first saw them in 1993 (not with the same members, though). Wherever you see them, you won’t be disappointed.

Joseph Lastie

Joseph Lastie

Freddie Lonzo

Freddie Lonzo

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