Twang This Weekend At Extended Play Sessions

On Saturday, June 7th, you can be part of the audience at Alternate Root TV for an Extended Play Session in Norwood, Massachusetts with Moot Davis and special guest Besides Daniel.


I have not heard of either band, but the Extended Play Sessions are so incredible that I can’t wait to be introduced to them at Alternate Root TV!

“Expect some heat from Moot Davis when he visits Alt Root Studios. Fire has consistently been a part of the Kenny Vaughan produced Goin’ in Hot. The album was just days away from final mixes when the studio holding the master recordings burned to the ground. Engineer Joe McMahan worked magic and extracted the mixes from his hard drive in his water-soaked computer. The title had been chosen before the blaze and Moot was thankful hearing that no one was hurt, and knew how lucky he is that the music was saved, feeling ‘that is was meant to be’. The words and mood for the album came from the pen of Moot Davis, and rose up from the ashes of a long-time relationship whose embers went cold though mood of the back story does not set the backbeat on Goin’ in Hot. After three album of classic country, Moot Davis smartly chose Nashville’s front-of-line clean picking guitar man, Kenny Vaughan, as producer. Kenny tears down the honky-tonk walls that surrounded Moot’s material and lets the music rock.”

This is a great opportunity to hear some great music, mingle with the artists, and meet some cool people. Did I mention that there’s plenty of free parking? That’s not something you get at most venues…

Doors open at 6 p.m. with the show starting at approximately 7 p.m. You can be one of the 44 people in the audience for this show by contacting for further information and getting yourself on the guest list. There is a suggested donation of $25 which covers food, open bar and the show.

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