Initial Musings On The Green River Festival

Yes, the weekend was brutally hot with unrelenting sun at the Green River Festival. More important though, the weekend was full of unrelentingly wonderful music (among other things)!


I have not yet looked at my photos (about 1,400 of them) so this will be a brief overview of my experience that will not be limited to music. In fact, it will be less about the music and more about my experience.

This is a well-curated Festival in all respects, from the music to the food vendors to the craft vendors. There is something for every taste. I heard people talking about disliking certain acts that others liked, but with three stages one never HAD to listen to any act that was distasteful to that listener.

I can’t say that one set was my favorite of the weekend because I had several. Booker T. Jones, who I saw perform two nights before the Festival, had the audience eating out of his hands. He was that good. The Wood Brothers were incredible – I saw them about 18 months ago, and this set was better. Preservation Hall Jazz Band is always fantastic and they keep getting better. I adored the Punch Brothers‘ set. And Steve Earle & the Dukes.

Those sets were the music highlights for me. That doesn’t take anything away from the other acts I saw and enjoyed, but more about them when I post a full review with photos.

The food vendors that I tried rocked! The dumpling vendor served an absolutely incredible blueberry chili dipping sauce that was out of this world! I need to figure out how to make it.

Berkshire Brewing Company provided the beer. Most amusing experience this weekend – throughout the weekend, I spoke with a man who worked the beer tent. He offered me some beers, which were wonderful. Toward the end of the day yesterday, I asked if he worked for the brewery. His response? “Well, I guess I do. I own it.” Thanks, Gary!

Some of my best moments came from speaking with some of the musicians. From Booker T. and his band members to Chris Thile of Punch Brothers to Clint Maedgen of Preservation Hall to The Suitcase Junket (Matt Lorenz) to Valerie June to Twisted Pine to Ken and Joey, the Milk Carton Kids – you are what memories are made of. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

And a huge thanks to the friends I spent the days with. You are truly gems. I look forward to hanging out with you at next year’s 30th anniversary Festival!

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I've loved the arts all my life... I go to a lot of concerts, take lots of photos and want to share them. Every once in a while I do something other than a concert, too. The Boston area is full of opportunities to indulge my passion - I'd like to help make it yours too!

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