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My Top Ten Shows of 2015!

I saw 224 shows in 2015. Yes, I know, that sounds like an insane number considering I have a day job that is completely unrelated to music. How would I choose my top ten, with another fifteen as runners-up? All the shows except one were at least very good, and I thought that narrowing the list would not be easy.

no music

It turned out not to be difficult at all. The top ten (or eleven as you will read below) were clear to me, as were the runners-up.

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Hot Music And Heat Ruled Day Two Of Green River Festival

What a day of incredible music! The first full day of the 2015 Green River Festival had a fantastic schedule, as I have come to expect from this Festival.



Despite the unrelenting heat (which was worse the following day), people danced, paraded, availed themselves of the cooling tent, and generally had an amazing day.

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Initial Musings On The Green River Festival

Yes, the weekend was brutally hot with unrelenting sun at the Green River Festival. More important though, the weekend was full of unrelentingly wonderful music (among other things)!


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