The Oh Hellos Delivered A High-Intensity Show – As Always!

Ever since the first time I saw The Oh Hellos at Newport Folk Festival, I try to see them whenever they are in town (wherever my current town may be), so I was delighted when they announced a show at the Culture Room in Fort Lauderdale!

The Oh Hellos

I was even more delighted when a band to whom they introduced me several years ago in Boston, Family and Friends, was announced as the opener!

Family and Friends

The first time I saw The Oh Hellos, they had fourteen musicians on stage and the energy was incredible! They have since scaled back to a core of eight members which has not hurt their energy at all.

Maggie Heath

Fronted by brother and sister Tyler Heath and Maggie Heath, they are an Americana band in the traditional sense of the genre. Blending folk, country, rock, and probably other genres, they always deliver a set of great music that is fun to experience.

Tyler Heath

One of the members I particularly enjoy watching is the fiddle player (pictured below without his fiddle). Not only is he a fine musician, but he is tremendous fun to watch!

The Oh Hellos

They all move around the stage and clearly love performing. Even though this was the last night of a lengthy tour, they not only put everything they have into the show but probably more than usual since they were celebrating the end of the tour.

The Oh Hellos

The first time I saw Family and Friends was as the main opener for The Oh Hellos in Boston and I was blown away by them. They have a heavy percussive sound, no doubt in large part because they have two drummers.

Family and Friends

One thing that did not happen at this show was the drummers switching drum kits all while still playing; they walk across the drums which is so crazy to watch!

Family and Friends

Both bands were on stage for the finale which was a true celebration of friendship and musicianship.

The Oh Hellos and Family and Friends

Both bands are worth your time to see and purchase their albums. The Oh Hellos is releasing a series of EPs, the second of which is that basis of this tour. Family and Friends has their first full-length album coming out later this year and I cannot wait for that!

Thanks to The Oh Hellos for the ticket; all opinions are my own.

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