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Celebrate the Summer Solstice At Make Music Boston Day!

Spend some time tomorrow going to free music events around Boston at Make Music Boston! This is a fabulous celebration of the City’s diverse music scene.

I was privileged to photograph the event the past two years and am sad to miss it this year (because I do not live in the area at this point). I made a number of friends from some of the performances I saw in addition to hearing their wonderful music.

One of my personal favorites was the Bucket Drumming – you can participate or stand back and enjoy. I highly recommend that event.

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Make Music Day In Boston

I was invited to photograph as much of Make Music Boston, part of the worldwide Make Music Day celebrations, as I could. Free events were scattered around the city as well as a few events in nearby suburbs.

I went to Boston Common to photograph a few sets during my lunch ‘hour’.  This is an annual event held on the Summer Solstice. Mark your calendars for 2018!

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