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The Spirit of Hank Williams Lives!

Girls Guns and Glory, a Boston-based country band, is riding high these days due to the justifiably great press its Hank Williams tribute album (and the shows dedicated to that album) is receiving. The Extended Play Sessions hosted them for a more-than-sold-out session last week and they brought their A game for this Hank Williams tribute performance.

Girls Guns and Glory

Girls Guns and Glory

The band performs original songs as well, and until recently had performed the tribute shows only about a half-dozen times per year. I was lucky enough to see one of the traditional New Year’s Day shows so I knew how good this show would be.

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What a Way to Start 2015 – Girls Guns and Glory!

Several friends told me how much they enjoy Girls Guns and Glory, a Boston-based country-rock band, but I’d not yet seen them perform. Every year around the new year, they perform a Hank Williams tribute show and I was fortunate to see one of the sold-out shows at Lizard Lounge!

Girls Guns and Glory's Ward Hayden

Girls Guns and Glory (Ward)

This was my first show of 2015 and what a show it was! Read the rest of this entry

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