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A Melange Of World Music

All I knew about Grand Fatilla before I saw them perform at Regattabar was that the same bass player who is in one of my favorite bands (Club d’Elf) was in the band, and that was enough for me to want to see Grand Fatilla perform.

Fabio Pirazzolo

Fabio Pirozzolo

I was not at all surprised that I thoroughly enjoyed this show; excellent musicians and interesting music are a great combination!

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Club d’Elf Soars

Club d’Elf is an amazing ensemble that never seems to consist of the same members twice! I’ve seen them three times so far, and the only musician who has performed in all three shows is Mike Rivard, the bass and sintir player.

Mike Rivard

Mike Rivard

It is difficult, if not impossible, to describe Club d’Elf’s music in one word – other than fabulous! Read the rest of this entry

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