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RIP Mike Ledbetter, 1985-2019

I was devastated by the news of Mike Ledbetter‘s untimely death at the way-too-young age of 33 last week. My heart breaks for him, his family and friends. I am fortunate to have been able to call him a friend…


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Watch For This Up-And-Coming Artist

I was introduced to Ayla Rose‘s new single, a cover of Tracy Chapman’s big hit, “Give Me One Reason“. What a powerful, soulful voice this 16-year-old woman possesses!

Ayla Rose - Fenway, Boston, MA

Ayla Rose – Fenway, Boston, MA

Ayla was joined by a great group of musicians, some of whom are friends of mine and others I know by reputation. She is based in the Boston area, and I look forward to seeing her perform.

Check her out by clicking on the song title!

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