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Come To This Winter Music Festival!

Last year, World Music/CRASHarts staged an indoor music festival of (as one would presume from the name of the organization) world music. I attended and thoroughly enjoyed it, and am thrilled that the festival is being repeated this year!


On January 28, 2017, come to the House of Blues for CRASHfest! Replete with international music, food, and drink, CRASHfest is an immersion into other parts of the world.

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Best Concerts of 2013

The time has come for me to reflect on the 128 concerts I attended in 2013 and determine the top ten. It was an extremely difficult task this year because I saw so many excellent shows.


I laid one ground rule for myself. I did not include sets at festivals for one main reason – there is generally a lot more energy at a festival than at a ‘regular’ concert and the musicians feed off that energy which produces a better show. Also, at festivals musicians from other bands tend to sit in with the act on stage so one is not always seeing the band as they typically perform. Read the rest of this entry

Bombino is Da Bomb!!!

Seeing Bombino perform Sunday night at The Sinclair was an amazing way to end the long Thanksgivukkah weekend!



This was not the first time I’d seen Bombino. Early last year, I saw him at Johnny D’s which was a fabulous venue for him, and last summer I caught a few numbers from his set at Newport Folk Festival. He just gets better and better, and I sense he’s becoming more comfortable in his role as an international ambassador of desert blues music. I will see him any time he’s in the area!


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