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A Returning Crowd Favorite Is Announced By The Lowell Summer Music Series!

Five years ago, Boz Scaggs appeared at the Lowell Summer Music Series for the first time and delivered a fantastic show. Today the Series proudly announces that he will grace the stage once again at the Series on Saturday, June 30th!

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If You Like Boz Scaggs, You Will Love Garrett Lebeau!

Sometimes I go on faith that the person booking a show knows something I do not. Such was the case recently when I saw Garrett Lebeau at The Extended Play Sessions at the Fallout Shelter.

Garrett Lebeau

Garrett Lebeau

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Best Concerts of 2013

The time has come for me to reflect on the 128 concerts I attended in 2013 and determine the top ten. It was an extremely difficult task this year because I saw so many excellent shows.


I laid one ground rule for myself. I did not include sets at festivals for one main reason – there is generally a lot more energy at a festival than at a ‘regular’ concert and the musicians feed off that energy which produces a better show. Also, at festivals musicians from other bands tend to sit in with the act on stage so one is not always seeing the band as they typically perform. Read the rest of this entry

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