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Help Keep Live Music Alive!

Anyone who knows me, or reads this website, knows how much I adore the Fallout Shelter (also referred to as the Extended Play Sessions). The venue had to close suddenly in December and it has been missed!

Please read the following that was released by the new venue, the Grass Roots Cultural and Performing Arts Center, and consider donating.

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Is The Music Disturbing Your Conversation?

Anyone who has attended a concert with me knows that one of my pet peeves when I am out hearing live music is the audience talking (followed closely by people who sing LOUDLY along with the music without being invited to join by the artist). Part of the reason why last night’s sold-out John Moreland show at The Sinclair in Cambridge, Massachusetts was so fabulous was that the audience was so quiet, I could have heard a pin drop! Read the rest of this entry

2016 By The Numbers

Several years ago, a friend suggested I put together some statistics about my year in music. I am continuing the tradition this year, since I saw more shows than ever! At the beginning of the year I said I was going to slow down my concert-going – you can see what happened to that! Eighteen more shows this year than last year and many more sets (mostly due to attending Club Passim’s Campfire Festivals, each of which has close to 80 different performers over the weekend)…

no music

Go out and hear live music! The musicians will be most appreciative! Your mental health will thank you too…

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What Only My Concert Buddies Understand

This is a marvelous piece about the power of live music. This expresses one of the goals of this website – to get people to go out and hear live music.

It’s the only way most musicians are making any money. Not by the sale of CDs. Not by the downloading of songs.

Go to more shows! Your good mood will thank you for it.


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